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Joshu Unveils Underwriter Desk 2.0

New version deepens support for underwriters assessing complex risks covered by specialty insurance products.

MENLO PARK, CA - Sept 20, 2023 - Joshu, the platform to build, distribute, and grow digital insurance products, is pleased to announce a new and improved version of the company’s popular Underwriter Desk.

Underwriter Desk was initially launched to provide a seamless user experience that reduced manual data entry and errors, aligned submissions, quotes, and policies on a single platform, and streamlined the risk approval process. As part of the Joshu platform, Underwriter Desk delivers a digital workflow that caters to improving the underwriting process.

The new features inherent to Underwriter Desk 2.0 expands capabilities to help underwriters better assess risk and improve underwriting quality. In the competitive specialty insurance market, Underwriter Desk 2.0 speeds the underwriting process for insurance products requiring deep risk analysis and bespoke policy assembly.

The key new features of Underwriter Desk 2.0 include:

  1. Risk Analysis Upload: Underwriter Desk 2.0 allows underwriters to start analysis in Excel and bridge it to the rest of the workflow with a simple upload, thus, ingesting highly complex risk assessment spreadsheets and seamlessly mapping them to an insurance product on the Joshu platform with no coding or manual intervention from IT resources.
  2. Dynamic Documentation Integration: Underwriter Desk 2.0 empowers underwriters to add or remove policy forms while reviewing submissions and preparing quotes and binders. Forms can be selected from a pre-built library or created as needed to capture the required information necessary for the underwriter to adequately assemble the policy language to fit the risk at hand.
  3. Enhanced Subjectivity Management: This release introduces an innovative approach to handling subjectivities, allowing underwriters to add or remove subjectivities throughout the quote-bind process.
  4. Geographic Risk Aggregation Service (GRAS): To better handle catastrophic risk from natural disasters, Joshu’s GRAS feature helps underwriters systematically monitor total exposure within a given radius and automatically alert underwriters as risk levels approach customizable thresholds.

“We have identified a large segment of insurance products that require deep human underwriting expertise and which many platforms fall short in supporting since they are built for predictable, automatable underwriting rules,” said Roy Mill, co-founder and CEO. “So, we are delighted to extend our offering and support these use cases, which put the needs of insurance product owners and underwriters front and center.”

Founded by InsurTech experts, Joshu was created to help insurance product owners bring new programs to market quickly with a complete tech solution that accelerates product development, underwriting, and distribution. Joshu enables insurance companies to progress from product to policy on a single platform which is purpose-built to harness digital growth, maintain high underwriting standards, and win new markets faster.

“I am excited for the versatility that these features are giving us and the ability to cover additional use cases,” said Shimi Bornstein, co-founder and CTO, “This release already enhances insurance product testing use cases, and I am especially excited to the next step of integrating Artificial Intelligence to ingest unstructured PDF submissions and eliminate manual data entry tasks that impede underwriters today.”

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Joshu empowers insurers to launch online distribution channels quickly and independently. With Joshu, insurance professionals can set up their products and launch user-friendly portals, with less IT dependence. Founded by technology experts and insurance veterans, Joshu was designed to give insurance professionals the tools they need to harness digital distribution and go-to-market faster. Joshu is backed by top investors, Blumberg Capital, Engineering Capital, Correlation Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, and Sure Ventures. Learn more at joshuins.com.

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