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Ori Zilka

Ori Zilka, Developer

A quote worth repeating:

As a big fan of basketball, and team sports in general, this quote that the legendary Phil Jackson said is really what I feel about Joshu. “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” Each team member in Joshu comes to work with a mindset that the importance of his work is crucial for the success of our company and our customers, and vice versa! In my eyes, this is what really makes us unique and special.

An activity worth doing:

Definitely whitewater rafting! Fun, adrenaline, fear, teamwork, ups, downs, success, and a few splashes in the face. It kind of sums up our lives, doesn’t it?

Ofir Avnion

Ofir Avnion, Developer

Items worth taking to a deserted island:

For me the decision is pretty obvious. Surfboard, fishing-net and a chessboard. In my opinion, the perfect vacation must include heavenly beaches, perfect waves and amazing underwater sea-life. The only issue is that my chess opponents will probably be monkeys and turtles. Any suggestions for a bit more efficient item?

A hero worth looking up to:

Without a doubt, my childhood hero is Kobe Bryant. Beyond his athletic and basketball super-skills, over the years of his successful career Kobe was an influential social and motivational critic for various age groups. For those who agree, I recommend watching the film “Dear Basketball,” which won Kobe the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Highly recommended!

Gali Paz

Gali Paz, Developer

A quote worth repeating:

Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Actually, no one knows if he really said it, and I’m pretty sure he couldn’t explain his theory to a six-year-old, but I still like the idea of it.

An activity worth doing:

Pilates. Not only is practicing pilates important for your body and posture, it forces you to pay attention to every part of your body. Both the mind and body unite creating mindful movements, clearing your head and releasing all tensions from your daily routine.

Roy Glick

Roy Glick, Developer

An activity worth doing:

Meditate! It’s funny how sitting still with your eyes closed for more than 5 minutes is such an unsettling task. It is so minimal, yet almost unbearable in a way. It’s that one daily habit I am constantly struggling to practice in my routine. But when I do, for the long run, it’s beneficial unlike any other thing I’ve experienced. And it helps you remember your dreams!

An Instagram account worth following:

Zach Lieberman (zach.lieberman) is an artist and a programer from NYC. His work is mainly focusing on the intersection of art, technology, and how one can express himself through logic and code as a paint-brush. He uploads almost every day new sketches; it can be somewhere between hypnotic, beautiful, funny, bizarre, but almost always intriguing.

Zohar Zilberman

Zohar Zilberman, Cloud Architect

A concept worth understanding:


A quote worth repeating:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” —Einstein

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Inspiration A monk asked, “Where is the Way?” The master replied, “To seek for it is to deviate from it.” — Sayings of Zen master Joshu (778–897)