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What’s happening at Joshu?

Build, distribute, and grow your commercial insurance products online

  • Chris AdamsChris Adams
  • July 2021

Who is Joshu for?

Joshu enables insurance product owners to create insurance products for digital distribution. Do you want to create new products faster than ever before? Adapt existing products without waiting for IT? Joshu takes the hassle out of digital transformation and puts the power back in your hands.

Digital transformation hasn’t been easy

Insurance has been around a long time, and been through several waves of new technology. But it’s falling behind in the digital age.

  • Manual processes with PDFs and email are still common. Underwriting is costly, slow, error-prone, and difficult to track.
  • Fragmented technology stacks slow down the response to evolving business needs.
  • Too many stakeholders slow down the product development process.
  • Agile insurtech startups are taking larger shares of the market from incumbents.

You handle the insurance, we handle the tech

Few insurance experts understand technology, and few technology experts understand insurance. With Joshu, we don’t expect you to build technology. We want you free to create products with simple, flexible, cost-effective tools.

  • Build new digital insurance products in weeks, not months
  • Distribute products fast to custom online portals or APIs
  • Grow your business using data to adapt to changing market conditions

Meet Joshu Builder™ — your digital product studio

The average time for a carrier to deploy a new product is 7–9 months. With Joshu, you can reduce that to a few weeks or less.

  • Our platform, your products. No need to build custom software, or customize off-the-shelf no-code platforms. Joshu is already built for digital insurance. All you need to do is create your application, connect your rater, and upload your forms.
  • Easy online applications. Customer expectations for digital are higher than ever. With Joshu, you can create online applications for any kind of insurance line. Choose from several question types, including text, location, and multiple-choice. Even conditional questions for more complex applications.
  • Save time using existing assets. Why build a new system to recreate the things you already use? Joshu works with your existing rater spreadsheets and policy documents.

Go where your customers are with Joshu portals or APIs

Digital products open up new channels of distribution. With Joshu, you’ll be able to create unlimited portals, each with different brands and products. Your stores can be as different as your customers.

  • Deploy with no dependencies. Joshu is a SaaS platform, there’s nothing to install, nothing to maintain. And it doesn’t have to replace your policy admin system — it’s a simple front-end built to work on top of existing systems.
  • Support all kinds of distribution models. Joshu Stores are flexible. Sell the same product in different distribution channels. Create broker-facing and direct-to-consumer portals. Or use an API to connect to third-party exchanges. With Joshu, you can create, customize, and launch new channels in a matter of minutes.

Continuously experiment, optimize, and grow your business

What if making a change to your product was as simple as changing your rater spreadsheet? Joshu gives you that kind of speed and flexibility.

  • Make quick changes, new versions, and variations. New claims changed your appetite? Found a better way to score risks? Update your rater, upload to Joshu, and release a new version of your product. Need to update application questions? Done. Have revisions to documents? Make the change in Word and upload it to Joshu. Our simple Builder interface makes it easier than ever before to manage change.
  • Experiment and adapt to changing markets. Joshu can measure how your application questions are performing. How long does it take people to answer? What are the dropoff rates? Use metrics like these to optimize applications, launch new products, and customize stores. Joshu gives you the flexibility to move at the speed of business.
  • Track performance & export to legacy systems. Reports give you real-time insight into how products and stores are performing. Get your basic BI dashboard on Joshu, or export data to custom bordereaux.