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What’s happening at Joshu?

Meet your digital insurance product studio

  • Chris AdamsChris Adams
  • September 2021

Create digital insurance products

With Joshu Builder™ you’ll be able to set up almost any kind of product you can imagine. From our experience, these kinds of products are a perfect fit for Joshu:

  • New products, channels, or markets. Joshu’s lean approach and affordable pricing sets you free to experiment and grow.
  • Underwriting you can automate. If you already have an Excel rater you definitely want to try Joshu. But if underwriting is hard to codify with a set of rules and formulas, then Joshu might not be right for that product.
  • Underwriter referrals? We cover that too. Joshu’s Underwriter Desk is where underwriters can review submissions and bind requests when needed. You decide what authority to give your product to automate, and what you send for underwriters to review.
  • Non-admitted commercial insurance lines. The wild-west nature of surplus lines commercial products is an easy win on Joshu. If state filing isn’t holding you back, the tech shouldn’t either.

Get to market fast

Joshu Builder includes everything your business needs to create digital insurance products. We are confident you can prototype most of your product in a matter of days. You only need three things to go from blank canvas to digital product:

  • Application. Turn your paper or PDF application into a seamless online experience via our simple application builder. Create sections to break up long applications. Use different question types, including conditional questions, to collect the data you need.
  • Rater. No need to recreate your rater — use the tools you are familiar with. Set required parameters in Joshu, add simple reference tags in your Excel file (similar to mail-merge), and upload to Joshu. The system uses your Excel file to create quotes that turn into policies.
  • Documents. Like the rater, there’s no need to recreate documents in a new system. Add reference tags to your existing documents in Microsoft Word and upload to Joshu. We collect all the information from the application and generate the proper documents.

Beyond the basics

Application, rater, and documents are the three core features, but we offer several other options to manage your product:

  • Enrich underwriting with third-party APIs. There are dozens of providers that offer data about businesses, property, or geography. Use Joshu to streamline the integration of that data with your rating.
  • Bind requirements. You may not want to issue policies automatically. There may be subjectivities to review, or additional information to gather. These kinds of bind requirements can be added to any product for better visibility and control.

Preview, test, and launch

Test your product as you go in the built-in “Preview & Test” store. When you are ready, launch the product in a custom Joshu store. (We’ll talk more about stores and APIs in our next blog post.)

Get started, fast

  • No commitment. Start with a simple demo. You can provide a sample rater, or we can generate a sample product based on your interests.
  • Quick setup. Joshu is completely web-based. Nothing to install, nothing to maintain, and already built for insurance products. Because we use your existing Excel and Word documents, there’s no need to rebuild in a new system.
  • Build on top of legacy systems. Joshu doesn’t have to replace current systems, and it’s easy to export data if needed. Need special integrations? We can build those, too.
  • Support when you need it. Though Joshu empowers you to be independent, our Customer Success team is always available to help. We’ll make sure you get up to speed at your own pace.